An unlikely hero. An unyielding mystery. Brian the penguin was just an ordinary penguin, or so he thought, but when the meteors arrived he knew nothing would ever be the same.

Brian The Penguin will be a series of games I will be developing as I increase my skills, the first one is "It came from the skies." Aside scrolling plat former spanning many different environments and mechanics.

It will have Super Mario Brothers and Crash Bandicoot in its heart going forward.

Windows 64bit:
Controls are WASD, Arrows, or a gamepad. Some people like using space to jump so there is that option as well.
Download win64 desktop version demo - Install with setup.exe - Google Mirror - DropBox Mirror

Controls are on screen.
Download android apk - external sources must be enabled. - Google Mirror - DropBox Mirror
Or find both versions on IndieDB.
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